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Selected publications since 2010

Identification of a protective microglial state mediated by miR-155 and interferon-g signaling in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease
Yin Z, Herron S, Silveira S, Kleemann K, Gauthier C; Mallah D, Cheng C, Margeta MA, Pitts KM, Barry J, Subramanian A, Shorey H, Brandao W, Durao A, Delpech JC, Charlotte Madore C, Jedrychowsk M, Ajay AK, Murugaiyan G, Hersh SW, Ikezu S, Ikezu T, Butovsky O.
Nature Neuroscience. 2023; 26: 1196-1207.

miRNA effects on gut homeostasis: therapeutic implications for inflammatory bowel disease.
Dhuppar S, Murugaiyan G.
Trends in Immunology. 2022;43:917-931.

microRNA-92a promotes CNS autoimmunity by modulating the regulatory and inflammatory T cell balance.
Fujiwara M, Raheja R, Garo LP, Ajay AK, Kadowaki-Saga R, Karandikar SH, Gabriely G, Krishnan R, Beynon V, Paul A, Patel A, Saxena S, Hu D, Healy BC, Chitnis T, Gandhi R, Weiner HL, Murugaiyan G.
The Journal of Clinical Investigation. 2022;132: e155693

Myeloid cell subsets that express latency-associated peptide promote cancer growth by modulating T cells.
Gabriely G, Ma D, Siddiqui S, Sun L, Skillin NP, Abou-El-Hassan H, Moreira TG, Donnelly D, da Cunha AP, Fujiwara M, Walton LR, Patel A, Krishnan R, Levine SS, Healy BC, Rezende RM, Murugaiyan G, Weiner HL.
iScience. 2021; 24: 103347.

MicroRNA-146a limits tumorigenic inflammation in colorectal cancer.
Garo LP, Ajay AK, Fujiwara M, Gabriely G, Raheja R, Kuhn C, Kenyon B, Skillin N, Kadowaki-Saga R, Saxena S, Murugaiyan G.
Nature Communications. 2021;12:2419.

Remyelination-promoting inflammation: novel role for MyD88 signaling in microglia/macrophages.
Murugaiyan G, Fujiwara M, Garo LP.
Trends in Neurosciences. 2020; 43: 455-457.

PD1 blockade in cancer: Impact on myeloid cells.
Fujiwara M, Garo LP, Murugaiyan G.
Trends in Cancer. 2020;6:443-444.

Smad7 controls immunoregulatory PDL2/1-PD1 signaling in intestinal inflammation and autoimmunity.
Garo LP, Ajay AK, Fujiwara M, Beynon V, Kuhn C, Gabriely G, Sadhukan S, Raheja R, Rubino S, Weiner HL, Murugaiyan G.
Cell Reports. 2019;28:3353-3366.

Targeting latency-associated peptide promotes antitumor immunity.
Gabriely G, da Cunha AP, Rezende RM, Kenyon B, Madi A, Vandeventer T, Skillin N, Rubino S, Garo L, Mazzola MA, Kolypetri P, Lanser AJ, Moreira T, Faria AMC, Lassmann H, Kuchroo V, Murugaiyan G, Weiner HL.
Science Immunology. 2017;2(11).

The use of miRNA antagonists in the alleviation of inflammatory disorders.’
Garo LP, Murugaiyan G.
Methods in Molecular Biology. 2016;1390:413-25.

Contribution of microRNAs to autoimmune diseases.
Garo LP, Murugaiyan G.
Cell Molecular Life Sciences. 2016;73:2041-51.

AHR activation is protective against colitis driven by T cells in humanized mice.
Goettel JA, Gandhi R, Kenison JE, Yeste A, Murugaiyan G, Sambanthamoorthy S, Griffith AE, Patel B, Shouval DS, Weiner HL, Snapper SB, Quintana FJ.
Cell Reports. 2016;17:1318-1329.

MicroRNA-21 promotes Th17 differentiation and mediates experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis.
Murugaiyan G, da Cunha AP, Ajay AK, Joller N, Garo LP, Kumaradevan S, Yosef N, Vaidya VS, Weiner HL.
The Journal of Clinical Investigation. 2015;125:1069-80.

Melatonin contributes to the seasonality of multiple sclerosis relapses.
Farez MF, Mascanfroni ID, Méndez-Huergo SP, Yeste A, Murugaiyan G, Garo LP, Balbuena Aguirre ME, Patel B, Ysrraelit MC, Zhu C, Kuchroo VK, Rabinovich GA, Quintana FJ, Correale J.
Cell. 2015;162:1338-52.

Targeting miR-155 restores abnormal microglia and attenuates disease in SOD1 mice.
Butovsky O, Jedrychowski MP, Cialic R, Krasemann S, Murugaiyan G, Fanek Z, Greco DJ, Wu PM, Doykan CE, Kiner O, Lawson RJ, Frosch MP, Pochet N, Fatimy RE, Krichevsky AM, Gygi SP, Lassmann H, Berry J, Cudkowicz ME, Weiner HL.
Annals of Neurology. 2015;77:75-99.

Modulating inflammatory monocytes with a unique microRNA gene signature ameliorates murine ALS.
Butovsky O, Siddiqui S, Gabriely G, Lanser AJ, Dake B, Murugaiyan G, Doykan CE, Wu PM, Gali RR, Iyer LK, Lawson R, Berry J, Krichevsky AM, Cudkowicz ME, Weiner HL.
The Journal of Clinical Investigation. 2012;122:3063-87.

Silencing microRNA-155 ameliorates experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis.
Murugaiyan G, Beynon V, Mittal A, Joller N, Weiner HL.
The Journal of Immunology. 2011;187:2213-21.

IL-27 in tumor immunity and immunotherapy.
Murugaiyan G, Saha B.
Trends in Molecular Medicine. 2013;19:108-16.

Identification of an IL-27/osteopontin axis in dendritic cells and its modulation by IFN-gamma limits IL-17-mediated autoimmune inflammation.
Murugaiyan G, Mittal A, Weiner HL.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences U S A. 2010;107:11495-500.

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